A Fight Worth Fighting!

  • Original Teaching: Spiritual Warfare
  • Date: April 18, 2001
  • Location: Calvary Temple in Sterling, VA
  • Teacher: Pastor Star R Scott
  • Scripture: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:10-11
  • By: Jason Felton

As the month of July winds down we want to wrap up our series on spiritual warfare. In the last few weeks we’ve seen the tactics the enemy uses to try to bring us down and what we can do to fortify ourselves against such attacks. This week we want to look at what we are fighting for and what’s at stake in this spiritual warfare we find ourselves in. Let me tell you it’s a fight worth fighting!

harvest“Alright Jason, I’ve studied my opponent, memorized God’s Word, and got my armor on! What’s next?” Well, now you’ve got to attack! As we saw last week we have to be on the offensive against the principalities and powers of darkness. You can’t be in the armor of God and not be going forward. Jesus has instructed us to go out into all the world and preach the gospel, lay hands on the sick, and cast out devils. We have adorned ourselves in the armor of God so we can go out as laborers into the fields and see the harvest set free. The power that has been given to us is for the sole purpose of establishing His kingdom. When’s the last time you spoke the Word of God and saw His power manifest through you in healing, casting out demons, or seeing the strongholds of sin destroyed? For a lot of us the answer is too long ago, but as Christians this is one of our top priorities!

When people encounter you on a daily basis they need to realize they’ve come into contact with the kingdom of God, the resurrected Christ. Do you see yourself like that? You are the representative of Jesus Christ here on this earth. When you speak with somebody, they should be hearing the words of Jesus Christ. That’s the boldness and confidence we need to have when we step out into the world! You see, there are too many people who call themselves Christians, but you can’t tell the difference between them and the world. Is that how you’re viewed? Does everybody know where you stand? If you’re living according to the Word of God there should and will be a noticeable difference in your life. People should take note that you’ve been with Jesus because of your bold witness!

If you are going to see experience the anointing of God and be adorned in His armor, you are going to have to use them for the right purpose. You can’t just put the armor on authorityto feel safe, to bring  joy, or to reap prosperity. That’s not what it’s for. The real purpose is to destroy the works of the evil one! It’s to see Satan cast down as lightning (Luke 10:18).  You’ve been given power and authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19), but this promise is conditional. It’s conditional upon your righteousness and your obedience to the Spirit of God. You may know this doctrine, but to what degree are you out about Father’s business in this time of harvest?  Are you pressing into the supernatural realm of faith or are you comfortable where you are?

Beloved as we end this series, how seriously do you take your ordination (Luke 10)? This commission the Lord has given us is not optional. In fact the Word of God says,  “He who knows to do good and does it not to him it’s sin (James 4:17).” If you have the armor of God on then your feet will be shod with gospel of peace! You will be out in the highways and byways compelling them to come. There are so many lives at stake, and time is short. Think about it! The majority of people you come in contact with on a daily basis are going to a devil’s hell! Coworkers, family members, neighbors, people we pass on the streets! All fightthese people need Jesus, and you have been given the words of eternal life. You have the answer! So how about it? Where are your treasures today? Are you more concerned with your own little kingdom, or are you going to be caught up with establishing the kingdom of God? It’s not going to be easy. You are being sent out as a lamb among wolves (Luke 10:3). But the good news is you’ve been equipped and empowered to fight. You’re not in this battle alone, because the greater one (Jesus) is fighting for you! It’s a fight worth fighting for!


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